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UKOUG Solaris SIG (LOSUG) 2011 Presentations

The Solaris Special Interest Group (SIG) has been active since 2005 in a different guise, as London OpenSolaris User Group (LOSUG). The group was formed with the help of Sun Microsystems to enhance the popularity of their next release of their operating system OpenSolaris.

New locations:
Since the opensolaris.org website is about to go offline I am in the process of keeping a copy of the old slides and photos, so they want be lost....

2011 Presentations

November 2011 - Solaris 11 Event

All our speakers gave us great pretensions cover all the recent Oracle announcements:
Chris Beal: Solaris 11 new Features covering all major updates from Boot Envirnments, IPS, Virtualization to ZFS and SPARC.

Chris Duffill: Solaris Systems Management  covered Oracle's Server and Virtualization Management, Enterprise Manager Ops Center today and tomorrow to control your Solaris

Andy Harrison: Solaris SuperCluster & T4 Hardware  showed off the SuperCluster architecture, key benefites of SPARC T4 and the full SPARC SuperCluster Softawre stack.

Jarod Nash gave us a live entertaining demo of all new features of Solaris 11 from IPS, shadow-migration, Solaris 10 -> 11 Migration, ZFS, Zones and a lot more. Sorry there were no slides.

October 2011 - Phil Kirk - A Solaris users guide to Linux

Phil Kirk went through some features of Solaris and showed what the equivalent is in Lunux, from userland commands, kernel debugging to virtualization. This presentation was a must for anyone who needs to work in a Linux world, but with Solaris experience.
Phil Kirk: A Solaris users guide to Linux

September 2011 - Nick Todd - Linkers, Alasdair Lumsden - OpenIndiana 151a and KVM Demo

Oracle's Nick Todd went into depth on the Solaris linker and related tools, including how they were updated in Solaris 10 update 10.
Nick Todd: Linkers

Alasdair Lumsden showed off the new OpenIndiana 151a release, featuring the Kernel Virtual Machine ported to Illumos. He showed how to create new VMs using zvols and vnics, and showed Windows booting and running Windows Update...
Alasdair Lumsden: OpenIndiana 151a and KVM

July 2011 - Darren Moffat - Controlling your Solaris Users and Applications Resources

Darren Moffat gave us a very well informed talk about how resource management has been gradually increasing in functionality since Solaris 8, but this talk will focus on what you can do in Solaris 10 and Solaris 11 Express. Everything from controlling numbers of processes to login sessions, zones memory usage and much more.
Darren Moffat: Controlling your Solaris Users and Applications Resources

June 2011 - Phil Harman - Virtualisation Fever - Where do you draw the line?

Phil Harman gave us whimsical insights on the history and future of virtualisation technologies, including, but not limited to: the UNIX process, p-code, NeWS, JavaVM, sun4v, Solaris Zones, ZFS, VMware, KVM, Citrix et al, cloud computing, and more than a passing nod to the BBC Micro and Oracle's Exadata Database Machine. As always with Phil's talks you have to be there to enjoy.

May 2011 - Duncan Hardie - Benefit from Oracle Solaris Zones in your datacenter

Oracle Solaris Product Manager
Duncan Hardie gave us an excellent talk about why you should be using zones in your datacenter today with Solaris 10 and the improvements of zone technology in Solaris 11 Express in the area of Resource Management, Networking, Security and a lot more.
Duncan Hardie: Benefit from Oracle Solaris Zones in your datacenter

April 2011 - Darren Moffat - ZFS features in Solaris 11 Express

Darren Moffat, Senior Principle Software Engineer in the Solaris Security Engineering team at Oracle, gave an overview of ZFS in Solaris 11 Express, focusing on features that are new compared with ZFS in Solaris 10 with particular focus on security relevant features such as encryption.
Darren Moffat: ZFS in Solaris 11 Express

March 2011 - Alasdair Lumsden -  OpenIndiana, Illumos and the OpenSolaris community

LOSUG chair
Alasdair Lumsden gave a talk on OpenIndiana, an exciting community distribution of OpenSolaris that provides an alternative to Solaris 11 Express that is fully open source and completely free to use, even in production!
Alasdair gave a demonstration, explaining the relationship between OpenIndiana and Illumos (Illumos is a fork of the OpenSolaris Kernel), giving a technical deep dive into how OpenIndiana was constructed, and giving an update regarding the current situation with the OpenSolaris community.
Alasdair Lumsden: OpenIndiana and Illumos
The videos for this talk are on YouTube: OpenIndiana, Illumos and the OpenSolaris Community

February 2011 - Jim Mauro - Using Oracle Solaris Dynamic Tracing – Dtrace Observing The Previously Unobservable

Jim Mauro gave the much anticipated talk about DTrace which was the appetizer for his forthcoming book release. He did not disappoint the audience with lots of information about how DTrace can solve their problems.
Jim Mauro: Using Oracle Solaris Dynamic Tracing
The videos for this talk are on YouTube: DTrace: Observing the Previously Unobservable

January 2011 - Phil Harman on ZFS and DTrace & Andrew Watkins on CIFS

Phil Harman gave a talk titled "ZFS and DTrace: My First Year on the Other Side of the Fence" - an entertaining and thoughtful talk about ZFS, performance and life after Sun Microsystems. He lived up to his promise of an informative talk laced with war stories, forthright opinions and humor. It was an off the cuff talk so there were no slides.

Andrew Watkins gave a talk titled "CIFS and ZFS: The one File System to rule them all" - a quick tour on how to setup the Common Internet File System (CIFS) and ACLs in the OpenIndiana and Solaris 11 operating systems so that you can share your files to both Solaris and Windows clients.
Andrew Watkins: CIFS: Step-by-Step guide

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