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UKOUG Solaris SIG (LOSUG) 2010 Presentations

The Solaris Special Interest Group (SIG) has been active since 2005 in a different guise, as London OpenSolaris User Group (LOSUG). The group was formed with the help of Sun Microsystems to enhance the popularity of their next release of their operating system OpenSolaris.

New locations:
Since the opensolaris.org website is about to go offline I am in the process of keeping a copy of the old slides and photos, so they want be lost....

2010 Presentations

December 2010 - Joost Pronk on Oracle Solaris 11 Express

Joost Pronk gave us an entertaining talked about many new technology which is included in the Solaris 11 Express, which hopefully will be the new Solaris 11 release. He covered many topics including how system patching will become a much more easier and quicker process with the introduction of IPS.

November 2010 - Tom Kranz on Exploring Solaris Auto-Registration & Peter Tribble on SAR: past, present, and future?

Tom Kranz gave a talk titled "Exploring Solaris Auto Registration" - an irreverent look at how to pull apart a new application on your Solaris system, to find out how it works, and what potential pitfalls it might present to your infrastructure.
Tom Kranz: Exploring Solaris Auto-Registration

Peter Tribble talked about Sar, the System Activity Reporter, as well as Kar, a potential replacement written by Peter which leverages Solaris kstats to archive a more complete set of system statistics.
Peter Tribble: SAR: past, present, and future?

October 2010 - Paul Roberts on Lesser Known Solaris Features & Chris Armes on OpenWorld

Paul Roberts gave us an interesting talk about lesser know features and tools that are available in the standard installation of Solaris. These included the auditing framework, a kernel implementation of SSL, some debugging and implementation details of the Service Management Framework (SMF) and the Basic Audit Reporting Tool.

Paul Roberts: Lesser Known Solaris Features
Chris Armes gave us an insight of the recent OpenWorld conference and talked about Solaris 11 Express and Exadata. He then answered question on a selection of topics.

September 2010 - Phil Kirk on Zones and Crossbow

Phil Kirk went through some of the pitfalls of networking when using Zones, and demonstrated how Crossbow solves them and opens up new possibilities for virtualisation.
Phil Kirk: Zones networking and Crossbow

August 2010 - Rahmat Balogun on Securing OpenSolaris in Cloud Computing & Alasdair Lumsden on the future of OpenSolaris

Rahmat Balogun spoke to us on data security and how secure the OpenSolaris software is in terms of cloud
computing implementation, and the security concerns therein.
Rahmat Balogun's talk on Data Security in the Cloud and OpenSolaris

Alasdair Lumsden spoke to us about the recent news in the Solaris world, including OpenSolaris'
replacement with Solaris 11 Express, hardware support on non-Oracle hardware, and a comprehensive
look at Illumos.

July 2010 - Two Technical Presentations and one from the UKOUG on membership

The evening was kicked off with a presentation from
James Haslam from the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) on how LOSUG members can sign up as members of the UKOUG now LOSUG is a Special Interest Group (SIG) within it.
James' presentation and instructions on signing up as a UKOUG member  PDF version
More information on being a SIG within the UKOUG
Then it was on to the evenings technical presentations.

Luke Marsden talked to us about an open source project which builds on ZFS and DTrace to replicate data seamlessly across a cluster. He demonstrated how it works on Solaris and FreeBSD, and how you use it for a typical application workload.
Presentation Slides
Check out Luke's Blog for more information

James O'Gorman talked about FreeBSD Jails and how they compare to Solaris Zones. Both achieve the same thing, yet have interesting differences in implementation and administration.
FreeBSD Jails vs. Solaris Zones slides

June 2010 - ZFS synchronous vs. asynchronous IO by Robert Milkowski

Sometimes it's very useful to be able to disable a synchronous behaviour of a filesystem. Unfortunately not all applications provide such functionality.  Robert talk gave us a brief overview into the work he's done in this area of ZFS.  Check out his blog for the full story.
Presentation Slides

May 2010 - Porting SAGE (open source mathematical package) to OpenSolaris by Dr. David Kirkby

At this meeting Dr. David Kirkby introduced us to Sage, a free GPL2 open-source mathematics system, which has a mission of being a viable alternative to Mathematica, MATLAB, Maple and Macsyma. The talk introduced Sage, discussed some of the issues which arose in completing the port to Solaris 10 and highlighted some of the outstanding issues needed to port Sage to OpenSolaris.
Presentation Slides

April 2010 - Autoinstaller: Past & Present by Andrew Watkins

At this meeting Andrew Watkins gave us a recap of Autoinstaller in OpenSolaris 2009.06 and talked about what is new in 2010.03. Andrew demonstrated how to use Autoinstaller to install OpenSolaris to your own personnel specification, including Autoinstaller Manifests, pkg repository, creating IPS package and SMF service.
Presentation Slides

March 2010 - Giving Cloud Computing An Edge by Alasdair Lumsden

In this session, Alasdair Lumsden talked about how his company uses Solaris Containers, ZFS over iSCSI with OpenSolaris-based SANs, xVM, COMSTAR and Crossbow to deliver a scalable, robust and enterprise-class Cloud Computing environment, delving into the nitty-gritty technical detail of the solution as well as covering the pitfalls his team has encountered and how they've been overcome. He also shared their plan for switching from Solaris 10 to OpenSolaris and the opportunities that presents.
Presentation Slides