Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Install PostgreSQL on Solaris 11 (11.3)

Here are some quick instruction on how to install PostgreSQL on Solaris 11.3.
  • PostgreSQL 9.5: http://www.postgresql.org/

Add a user

At this time  postgres user exists on Solaris, so I am going to use that, but just in case then:

# groupadd -g 90 postgres
# useradd -u 90 -S files -s /usr/bin/pfksh -d / -g postgres postgres
# grep postgres /etc/passwd  /etc/group
/etc/passwd:postgres:x:90:90:PostgreSQL Reserved UID:/:/usr/bin/pfksh


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Convert Oracle Solaris 11.3 Native (Non-Global) Zone to a Kernel Zone

I think more and more people will start using Kernel Zone and I have a feeling that will soon be the only zone that Solaris will offer soon. So, I thought I would show how to convert a none-global zone into a kernel zone.