Friday, September 13, 2013

Setup Samba in a zone with Oracle Solaris 11.1 and join a Windows Active Directory Server (ADS)

I have been running Samba on Solaris 11 zone for a while now and I thought I would finally write the instructions up. First, why am I using samba and not the CIFS server which comes with Solaris now. Well, one reason.... CIFS does not work in a zone and Samba does. I have our NFS file-server in a zone so I needs SMB access to those files.

Before we can start you need change the "Maximum number of supplementary groups (groups that a user can be in, additionally to the primary group)".
I have just spotted that this has changed or at least documented in Solaris 11.1,  but is still required in /etc/system ref: &

# echo "set ngroups_max=512" >> /etc/system 

Reboot the server.