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UKOUG Solaris SIG (LOSUG) 2009 Presentations

The Solaris Special Interest Group (SIG) has been active since 2005 in a different guise, as London OpenSolaris User Group (LOSUG). The group was formed with the help of Sun Microsystems to enhance the popularity of their next release of their operating system OpenSolaris.

New locations:
Since the opensolaris.org website is about to go offline I am in the process of keeping a copy of the old slides and photos, so they want be lost....

2009 Presentations

January 2009 - DTrace and Memcached for MySQL by MC Brown

Presentation Slides

March 2009 - Creating your own Distro by Peter Dennis

Presentation Slides

April 2009 - OpenSolaris 2009.06 New Features Preview by Nick Todd & Zone Cluster by Paul Mitchell

New Features Slides
Zone Cluster Slides

May 2009 - IPS Revisited by James MacFarlane & OGB Overview by Peter Tribble

IPS Revisited Slides
OGB Overview Slides

June 2009 - OpenBackups by Sally Houghton & OSUG Leaders Boot Camp by Joy Marshall

OpenBackup Slides
OpenBackup Slides with notes

July 2009 - Automated Installer by James Hall
Presentation Slides

September 2009 - Tuning Parallel Code on Solaris by Dani Flexer

Presentation Slides

October 2009 - VWire by Nick Street and What Has ZFS Ever Done For Us? by Phil Scarlett

ZFS Slides
ZFS Notes
VWire Slides

November 2009 - OpenSolaris as a Build Server by Owen Roberts and SourceJuicer by Amanda Waite

Build Server Slides
Recent changes have enabled building from OpenSolaris with all the build tools supplied via IPS. Owen's talk looked these tools and the changes happening to deliver IPS packages straight from the OpenSolaris source code.
SourceJuicer Slides
Building Open Source applications and libraries for any platform can be a frustrating business... Amanda's presentation talked about using SourceJuicer in conjunction with the /contrib OpenSolaris package repository & illustrated how just about anyone can submit a package.

December 2009 - DTRace for Absolute Beginners by James MacFarlane and ZFS Backups by Robert Milkowski

DTrace for Absolute Beginners
ZFS Backup

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