Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Solaris 11.4: FileZilla 3.31 builds on Solaris cleanly (nearly)

After seeing a post on twitter about building FileZilla on Solaris 11.3 I thought I would I would try it on Solaris 11.4.

I did get it working but with some "Dirty Fixes", by adding cast of "size_t" to a lot of code, but then I realised that there was a quicker fix..

Friday, April 13, 2018

Solaris 11.4: LDAP changes for ldapsearch & ldapmodify

With the release of Oracle Solaris 11.4 Beta and the move over to OpenLDAP, you will notice ldap commands have changed. To help myself and may be some others I will document the changes for reference.

Ref: Using ldapsearch to do an LDAP Search using TLS/SSL
       Updated: How to Connect Securely to LDAP using PHP
       How To Manage and Use LDAP Servers with OpenLDAP Utilities