Wednesday, March 13, 2013

UKOUG Solaris SIG (LOSUG) 2007 Presentations

The Solaris Special Interest Group (SIG) has been active since 2005 in a different guise, as London OpenSolaris User Group (LOSUG). The group was formed with the help of Sun Microsystems to enhance the popularity of their next release of their operating system OpenSolaris.

New locations:
Since the website is about to go offline I am in the process of keeping a copy of the old slides and photos, so they want be lost....

2007 Presentations

February 2007 - Service Management Framework by Jarod Nash
Presentation Slides

April 2007 - NFS Update by Calum Mackay
Presentation Slides

June 2007 - Solaris Troubleshooting by Peter Harvey
Presentation Slides

July 2007 - Creating an OpenSolaris Build Server by James MacFarlane
Presentation Slides

October 2007 - Logical Domains (LDoms) by Liam Merwick
Presentation Slides

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