Sunday, June 24, 2007

A complete Webserver in one download

So, you have your new machine and you need to get the Website up and running today, so what do you do:
  1. Solaris comes with the Apache server, but if you want php, then you have to download it.
  2. You obtain the software source from all the sites and start compiling..Get a life.
  3. You down load the packages from, but which ones and have you got all those extra Perl modules.
  4. Why can't I download one package and GO!
Well you can there is a great site called Cool Stack off the which have a few software packages which have been compiled and optimised for the Sun Hardware (SPARC /T1 or AMD).
  • CSKamp. This package includes Apache2, MySQL5 and PHP5 built to work together.
  • CSKmysql. This package includes a 64bit version of MySQL5 and is built with innodb.
  • CSKperl. This package includes Perl 5. Note that Solaris 10 ships with the same version of Perl. However, in addition to being better optimized, CSKperl includes several perl extensions.
  • CSKtds, CSKncurses, CSKphplibs. These packages are optional libraries required if you plan to use the corresponding PHP extensions.
  • CSKmemcached. This package includes memcached, a distributed object cache system.
  • CSKruby. This package includes ruby, rubygems and rails.
  • CSKsquid. This package includes Squid Web Proxy Cache.

So, all you need is download CSKamp (OK! I lied 3 downloads in my case) CSKperl and "CSKtds, CSKncurses,CSKphplibs (combined as one download)"

And, yes you install the packages and you are ready to go and to prove it I obtained MediaWiki and it installed and ran with out any other modules, not bad and saved me a lifetime.

- check out the FAQ since it shows you had to start packages up as services
- disable APC or upgrade to later version. (again see FAQ)
- the coolstack has now got an OpenSolaris Project

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