Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Benchmarking Sun X4100 using SiSoftware Sandra

Just had delivery of a new Sun Fire X4100 M2 with (2x AMD Opteron Model 2216, 4x1GB PC2-5300 DDR2-667 memory) and I thought I would test its performance compared to other machines. I decided that the best way is to install windows 2003 x86 on it and then use SiSoftware Sandra Lite XI SP2 (version 1135). The following diagrams are the results when Sandra was run from a remote PC session and windows fully patched (red show winner)

(a) Sun Fire X4100 M2
2x AMD Opteron Model 2216 @2.4Ghz,
4x1GB PC2-5300 DDR2-667 RAM

(b) Viglen
Intel Core 2 CPU 6600 @ 2.4GHz
2GB of RAM

(c) Xen/OpenSolaris
Using the Viglen above I installed OpenSolaris B78 with windows installed via Sun Xvm/Xen.

Processor ArithmetricDhrystone ALU (higher is better)Whetstone iSSE3 (higher is better
x410035291 MIPS26161 MFLOPS
Viglen21734 MIPS15158 MFLOPS
Xen10377 MIPS7260 MFLOPS

Multi-Core EfficiencyInter-Core Bandwidth (higher is better)Inter-Core Latency (lower is better)
X41003890 MB/s116 ns
Viglen7060 MB/s 74 ns

Physical DisksDrive Index (higher is better)Random Access Time (lower is better)
X410058 MB/s 7 ms
Viglen67 MB/s14 ms
Xen117 MB/s1 ms

Memory BandwidthRAM Bandwidth Int Buffered iSSE2 (higher is better)RAM Bandwidth Float Buffered iSSE2 (higher is better)
X410010982 MB/s10953 MB/s
Viglen 5011 MB/s 5041 MB/s
Xen4762 MB/s4784 MB/s

Memory LatencyRandom Memory Latency (lower is better)Speed Factor (lower is better)
X410091 ns72.2
Viglen99 ns74.2
Xen116 ns80

Cache and MemoryCombined Index (higher is better)Speed factor (lower is better)
25235 MB/s15.7
Viglen20174 MB/s33.3
Xen12570 MB/s17.1

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