Friday, August 03, 2007

Improve OpenSolaris Performance

So, you downloaded the latest version of OpenSolaris and it is installed and running. Well there are a few (I will add more as they become aware to me) things you can remove to improve performance and slightly clean up your system.

Following can improve performace:
Remove the Update Manager GUI, since at this time it does nothing in OpenSolaris (removes the update manager process).
# pkgrm SUNWupdatemgrr SUNWupdatemgru
Remove the Basic Registration Application (improve the startup of JDS/GNOME).
# svcadm disable svc:/system/basicreg:default
# pkgrm SUNWbrgr SUNWbrg
Following cleans the system up:
Remove PPP.
# pkgrm SUNWpppdt SUNWpppdu SUNWpppd SUNWpppdr SUNWpppg
Remove the UUCP Utilities.
# svcadm disable svc:/network/uucp:default
# pkgrm SUNWbnur SUNWbnuu


Anonymous said...

Always good to remove a little bit of cruft... :)

napobo3 said...

How the removal of unused package can improve performance?

Andrew Watkins said...

Leon, you are right about some of the packages, but removing the Update Manager & basic Registration does improve the perfmance on the JDS interface, since it stops a couple of service. Anyway and thanks I will slight chage my wording in the blog.

napobo3 said...

Thank you, Andrew. I like your blog!

Anonymous said...

Interesting Blog, you should post more often though :) Tech blogs are always good, especially Solaris ones (don't get to do much sysadmin myself now as I've shuffled back into Networks :p)