Thursday, July 28, 2016

How to copy a file from Solaris Global Zone to a Kernel Zone without a network

I posted this Tweet on twitter a while ago
Damn wish there was a way to copy a file from global zone to a kernel zone with out going over network.
and Darren Moffat pointed out a /system/shared which is read only from the zone but is writeable from the global zone. Here is a quick example:

solaris-kz# ls /system/shared/
solaris-kz# touch /system/shared/ReadOnly
touch: cannot create /system/shared/ReadOnly: Read-only file system

solaris-kz# df /system/shared/
/system/shared     (/dev/kz/sdir/shared@0):296322344 blocks 28136253 files

global-zone# zoneadm list -vc
  ID NAME        STATUS   PATH  BRAND      IP   
   0 global      running  /     solaris    shared
   1 solaris-kz  running  -     solaris-kz excl 

global-zone# ls /system/volatile/zones/solaris-kz/zonepath/root/shared/
global-zone# touch /system/volatile/zones/mysqlsrv/zonepath/root/shared/myfile   

solaris-kz# ls /system/shared/

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