Monday, July 11, 2016

Compile GEOS geometry library on Solaris 11 using Oracle Developer Studio 12.5

This is a follow on from my posts about installing PostGIS in those posts I used GNU compilers, but I have managed to get parts to compile with Developer Studio 12.5.

If you are looking for the GNU version then it is here: Compile PostgreGIS (GEOS geometry library) on Solaris 11 (11.3) using gcc

# pkg install build/gnu-make text/gnu-patch
# pkg install libtool automake autoconf gnu-gettext library/libxml2 library/json-c
# export PATH=/opt/developerstudio12.5/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/sfw/bin:/usr/lib:/usr/gnu/bin:
# bzip2 -dc geos-3.5.0.tar.bz2| tar xf -
# cd  geos-3.5.0
# patch -p1 < geos-3.5.0-cassert_libCstd_hack-1.patch
patching file include/geos/geomgraph/NodeMap.h
# patch -p1 < geos-3.5.0-libCstd_hacks-1.patch
patching file src/algorithm/ConvexHull.cpp
patching file include/geos/geom/CoordinateList.h
patching file src/operation/overlay/OverlayOp.cpp
patching file src/operation/overlay/PolygonBuilder.cpp
# patch -p1 < geos-3.5.0-testsuite_libCstd_hacks-1.patch
patching file tests/unit/geos_unit.cpp
patching file tests/unit/operation/union/CascadedPolygonUnionTest.cpp
patching file tests/xmltester/XMLTester.cpp

# ./configure CC='cc' CXX='CC -D__C99FEATURES__' CPPFLAGS=-m64 CXXFLAGS=-m64 LIBS='-lm -lCrun -lCstd' --disable-inline --enable-cassert

# gmake
# gmake install

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