Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sun Storage 7110 Create a share for Windows & Solaris use

The main reason I got the Sun Storage is to to combine our existing 2 home drives per user down to One (see last week), so that we have access to CIFS shares and NFS shares via the Storage System (well via OpenSolaris)

Mon June 22nd 2009: I have updated it since the ACL were not 100% correct.

1. Create a new project, so that you don't change the default setting and enable the CIFS protocol, NFS is enabled by default.

2. If you want ACL/permissions to be inherited correctly then you need to alter the "Inherited ACL Behavior", which is the ZFS command "zfs set aclinherit=passthrough rpool/ROOT/b114b" for reference.

3. Create a share with all the relevant information, name, uid, group and permissions.

4. Need to set up mapping between our Solaris LDAP server and Windows AD system.

5. It is a straight mapping of LDAP <=> AD for users and groups.

6. Next edit Access ACL for the new share. I think the "Owner" should have full control.

7. Here is a full description of the letters and what they represent in windows.

8. And the final product after a few global ACL's have been added. Plus the owner of the directory should be added as well. This is because if Windows Admin creates a file then you want the owner still to have access.

9. Now lets test it.....

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