Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oracle Support Cost so high why would you buy Sun Hardware now

I work in education (UK, University) and we have bought a lot of Sun hardware over the years. Yes, the hardware was always a little more expensive, but I always found it more reliable and you had Solaris running on it which meant you had a world class system.

Well how things have changed since Oracle have taken over and the cost of running a Solaris system is out of reach of most people and business now.

Oracle Premier Support cost is 12% of cost of hardware Per Year!

Lets compare this with HP and Microsoft Windows.
HP System & MS Windows
HP ProLiant DL380 system £3292
HP 5 year Hardware support £495
Micosoft Server 2008 Academic Lic * £93
Total Support Cost for 5 years (3.5% p/y) £588
How much would it cost me with Oracle Support rates (with Solaris) for 5 years (12% p/y) £1975
Sun/Oracle & Solaris
Sun Fire X4170 2CPU+32GB £6250
Oracle 5 Year Premier Support (£750 per year) £3750
Sun Fire X4170 2CPU+32GB (bought from SUN 2010), Support costs us approx £130 per year £650

* Micosoft Server 2008 Academic Lic
I think I need to clarify the cheap Microsoft license. Since we are a University we can use the Microsoft Campus Enrollment which allows us to obtain many Microsoft products and heavily discounted prices. But what about Support. I am trying to check what telephone support level we get, but one thing is for sure you can obtain software updates, patches and hot fixes as part of the deal. This is the thing which Oracle is missing or I have not managed to speak to someone who is can give me a better answer.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's true.
Oracle for some reason kills hardware business.
They are interested in Exadata and very big customers only.

Anonymous said...

Are those number with the .edu discount? If so, it'd be measuring how each company values the educatonal institutions. Do you have the numbers most business would get? Nothing saying Oracle is cheap (it certainly is not), just that it measures one reality.

Andrew Watkins said...

12% is what Oracle - UK Public Sector - are giving me. I would love to know what the business are paying. We normally get a 20% hardware discount.

Anonymous said...

So what support do you get fro MS with that license and are you comparing the actual SLA's fairly?

Andrew Watkins said...

I have updated post, but what support do we get! (1) Full access to download patches/fixes (2) May be no telephone support or a limit number of calls. Still looking at the small print.

OK! If I was running a multi-million £$ business then, that may be a problem. But 99% of the time you just want security or software patches.

MadMax said...

i know it looks very high in compare with other servers and OS's. I am absolutely no Oracle Employee or reseller, but just the same customer that's wondering around the licenses and costs of hard- and software suppliers.

i you take into compare the ease of creating new "Virtual Machines" like the Solaris Zones in compare to Microsoft or VMware solutions then all figures are turning around. because on Solaris 10 and 11 you have the capability to use virtualisation out of the box, you ned to compare with OS's with the same capability.

So to my opinion you need to compare with Windows server 2008 datacenter 2CPU licenses or VMWare solutions.

In that case you need to add 4000,- euro per server for the alternatives to oracle.

Anonymous said...

Oracle has no interest in sun equipment its a dying branch on their money tree. By having a high cost for support with sun micro-systems they can suck every last dollar out before it dies.