Monday, April 26, 2010

Complete local copy (mirror) of

As you are aware with every official release of OpenSolaris, comes a full download of all the IPS packages (7GB), but what happens if you want to work on the releases and you want a local mirror. I have found this blog which does it. I have modified it slight since I think it had a couple of errors.

1. Create partition to store the packages. I have been told a complete will be around 65GB, but I am using a cut down version.
$ pfexec zfs create -o atime=off rpool/export/pkg
2. Create repository
pfexec pkgsend -s file:///export/pkg create-repository -–set-property
3. Obtain list of packages you want.  In this case everything currently install and the release (134) I am interested in.
$ cd /export/pkg
$ pfexec pkg list -Hva | egrep “134:|install” > /tmp/pkglist.txt
$ head -1 /tmp/pkglist.txt

$ pfexec cat /tmp/pkglist.txt | sed 's/pkg:\/\/opensolaris\.org\///' \
       | cut -f 1 -d ' ' > /tmp/packages.txt
$ head -1 /tmp/packages.txt

4.Now download IPS package and place it into local repository.
$ for i in $(cat /tmp/packages.txt); 
pfexec pkgrecv -s -d file:///export/pkg "$i"
5. You can test it to see all is there (http://localhost:80)

$ pfexec /usr/lib/pkg.depotd -d /export/pkg -p 80

6. To make sure the repository is always available.

$ pfexec svccfg -s application/pkg/server setprop pkg/inst_root=/export/pkg
$ pfexec svcadm refresh pkg/server
$ pfexec svcadm enable pkg/server


Anonymous said...

Bound to come in handy. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I would like to get 129 as well. As that is the current version I am running, not being totally familliar with the repository/package structure what about your post would I need to change, is it just the 134 to 129?

$ cd /export/pkg
$ pfexec pkg list -Hva | egrep “129:|install” > pkglist.txt
$ head -1 pkglist.txt

$ pfexec cat pkglist.txt | sed 's/pkg:\/\/opensolaris\.org\///' \
| cut -f 1 -d ' ' > packages.txt
$ head -1 packages.txt

Thanks for the clean explination and instructions.

Onno Molenkamp said...

If you want to receive the entire 134 distribution, you could also just use

pkgrecv -s -d file:///... pkg:/*

This will include renamed and obsoleted packages, which your commands probably skip because most of them have version 133 instead of 134.

You can use the -n option of pkgrecv to see what packages will be received by this command.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, I am using OpenSolaris snv_134 that's running in a VMware Server 2.0.1 virtual machine. I am trying to create a local repository with a complete copy of IPS packages from for OpenSolaris.0906 (build 111). I've loosely followed your procedure for building the release 134 local repository, everything goes well until pkgrecv tries to download sunstudio12u1@12.1,5.11-0.111 package:

Retrieving manifests for package evaluation ...
Retrieving package content ...
sunstudio12u1@12.1,5.11-0.111:2009... 0/1 4806/5853 453.8/597.5
pkgrecv: Unable to extract file: 46ace7fe165a55e31c125cf996a55878621bb7bd

As it turns out, not even 2.2 GB of RAM was enough for pkgrecv to download this (fairly big) package, /tmp would every time run out of space close to the end of it, as it can be seen from the log. I wonder how much memory you had when you were building a local repository for the development release 134? Is there perhaps a way around this as I am not able to dedicate any more memory to this virtual machine, I would have to take another route?