Friday, November 07, 2008

Complete Webserver on a USB stick running on Windows (sorry)

I know I said I would never blog about Windows, but this piece of software is so great, I just have to mention it. Server2Go is a Webserver that runs out of the box without any installation and on write protected media if you wish, but I am going show you (step by step guide) how to get it up and running on a USB stick, so you can develop your website and all you need is a PC (or a Mac) and your USB stick:
  1. Download the software (Update 27/2/2012). There are a few different version but I went for "PHP 5.3.2, SQLite, MySQL 5.1.46 and Apache 2.2.15" (server2go_a22_psm.exe).
  2. Extract the downloaded file to your USB drive. It will take at least 200MB of space.
  3. Now you have to be careful since you need to edit a file.
    • You need to edit a file called pms_config.ini in the sub-directory \server2go_a2

    • Use any editor you like put I used Notepad.
    • You need to find the following variables and edit them to the new values.
      • StartLocal = 1
      • LocalMirror = 0
      • Port=8888 (You may have to change port number Update 27/2/2012)
  4. Now start the software by double clicking on \server2go_a2\Server2Go.exe
  5. With any luck the IE will start and will look like:
  6. With the above all done you can create wab pages in the directory \server2go_a2\htdocs and all changes you make to the MySQL will stay


promotional usb memory said...

Great post, I was looking all over the internet for how I could do this for quite some time, but luckily I managed to stumble across this blog. I tried it and it all worked fine, thanks again for your help.

e-blogger said...

Surley this is possible on Openindiana 151a7 sever edition at the moment on the USB download?