Thursday, May 02, 2013

Setting up Oracle Solaris 11 with DHCP and LDAP

Someone asked me how to setup a LDAP client on Solaris if you are using DHCP. I thought it would be a simple answer since Solaris comes with Automatic Network mode. The Automatic mode does a very good job and you can configure a lot of settings, but LDAP support is very limited.

Configuring LDAP When in Automatic Mode (Ref: from Managing Network Configuration When in Automatic Mode)
"Automatic network configuration mode provides limited support for LDAP. Only LDAP anonymous mode works when in automatic mode. If you want to use an LDAP proxy or LDAP self modes and some form of security credentials you must first enable the DefaultFixed profile and manually configure your network. For instructions, see Chapter 12, Setting Up LDAP Clients (Tasks), in Oracle Solaris Administration: Naming and Directory Services."

So, here is a little step by step guide: