Sunday, March 25, 2007

Building & Installing MediaWiki

I was asked the other day to install a Wiki and I thought I would publish the steps required to get the Wiki up and running. You most probably aware the wiki side is the easy part, since it requires a lot of other software installed on your system.

I will do this on a Solaris 10 SPARC system and since I believe in not installing to much non standard O/S software I will try to keep it down to the bare bones, but there is still a lot to do:

What I will require:
  1. Perl
    • I will install the non Sun version, since I want this more up to date, plus I have published an install guide before, but I will update this for latest release.
  2. MySQL
    • I have a choice of databases including Postgres and both come with Solaris 10, but again I will install my own version. I have more expertise with MySQL than Postgres, but that is my choice.
  3. PHP
    • This is the key for the wiki.
  4. Apache Server
    • I will use latest version 2.2 , even thought I have always used Version 1.3 before.
  5. MediaWiki
    • I have a little expertise of it and after some studying I believe it is the easies to setup (We will see!).

On route I am sure I will end up install other software, but this is the main tools to get my system up and running.